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GTA 5 Synopsis

The abundance of GTA 5 details revealed trough the worldwide previews takes no end. After the french preview on JuexActu and the German preview on PCGames, IGN started the GTA V feature week with the first GTA 5 hands-on preview.  He are all the details and screenshots that we could extract.  Summary GTA V  will have 15 different dog types. Chop, the rottweiler belongs to Lamar and not Franklin. The voice actors include real gang members like some Salvadorian thugs. There are at least 50 bridges in GTA 5. The player needs to fly under them trough to complete the “Knife Flight” and “Under the Bridge” achievements and trophies....

Watch GTA 5: The Official Trailer

As announced before, Rockstar Games released a new video, as what they called GTA 5 Official Trailer. The vid gives some inside view of the relationships between the protagonist Michael De Santa, his friends and family. The scenes show Trevor in a dispute with Michael over a loot from a job they made together which is expected to happen under friends in the online mode. The trailer explains also why he came back from the retirement and started takimg dangerous jobs again. Watch The GTA 5 Official Trailer Join the forums to discuss on the latest happenings. Tweet

GTA 5 HAS 15 Radio Channels & 240 Songs, 16 Per Station

A new Rockstar interview with the Rolling Stone magazine revealed a lot of exciting details on the GTA 5 soundtrack that we can listen to in the game. According to R’s in-game music responsible Ivan Pavlovich, GTA V will feature 15 radio stations with 240 songs, that makes 16 tracks per channel. Some names exposed were East LOS FM hosted by Camilo from the Mexican Institute of Sound, Rebel Radio, Vinewood Boulevard Station a modern rock based station hosted by the members of the group Wavves, a Soul Station presented by Pam Grier. Other radios will play funk music hosted by Bootsy Collins and a classic rock radio...

GTA V Official Trailer On Thursday, 29th

RockstarGames announced the release of the “Official” GTA V Trailer on this Thursday, August 29th. The developers didn’t clarify what the official in the title means. But expect something big again! The release of the trailer could be set on 10AM ET because the earlier releases were published all at that time around. Tweet

GTA 5 Leaked, Confirmed By Rockstar

The pre-load option of GTA 5 made available by Sony Playstation over their network caused big or better said massive trouble. People are acting crazy on the web for getting some more info about the GTA 5 leak. Sony appologized and took down the download option before the release date. For all who have no idea, you can sometimes pre-load games before launch with encrypted files only made available on the release date trough patch that would break the code. However we have no idea which genius at PS had the idea to make it accessible one month before launch date. Some crackers extracted the GTA 5 radio stations,...

Rockstars New GTA V Site Update Infos & Pictures

After a short time period since the official Grand theft auto V site launch, R* decided to gift the fans around the world with a new info and graphics update. As an addition we can now download the GTA 5 Online Artwork and the Trevor Throat Cut Mural Picture in HD. Next to the countless images to be found in the specific theme explanations, eight official additional images were published on the screens section.   Serenity & Wellness San Andreas practically invented yoga. It certainly invented the time honored tradition of the relaxing coffee enema. Whether it’s the Downward Dog pose or the more advanced Dropping Fire Log, there...

Download “GTA 5 PS3″ On Playstation Network

Rockstar adds another buy option for PS3 owners with a GTA 5 digital download version on Playstation Network. The long expected move was announced on the newswire. The owners of a digital version will have acces to the in-game “Atomic Blimp” and can fly it over Los Santos. Atomic is a fictive Tires Company in the game. The blimp was seen on different videos and screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V, flying over the downtown skycrapers. A bonus from Rockstar: As an added bonus, Day 1 Digital pre-orders will also receive an exclusive PS3 theme along with 75% off on any Rockstar full game title on PSN* (to help...

GTA 5: Online Mode, 700 Missions And More

Rockstar Games has just shortly presented the GTA 5 Online Mode with a Gameplay Trailer and explained with it the diverse missions. Game director Leslie Benzies spoke in a new interview about the exact scope. Accordingly we can enjoy over 700 varied missions. Those can be discovered on the map, some of them only trough telephone calls and others can be choosen from the menu. Rockstar Games promisis over 700 missions. The hype over GTA 5 has no ending: Rockstar Games had just recently revealed the online-mode of the open-world action adventure titel trough the gameplay video. The multiplayer mode could have been a standalone game when looking at...

GTA Online Official Gameplay Video Out!

Finally, the most anticipated GTA Online Gameplay Video is out! Rockstar Games held what it promised, and brought almost all features of the single player missions to the GTA 5 online free world. You can play with up to 16 players in a massive Los Santos and Blaine County area, organazing heist jobs, co-op missions, take part in fun activities like house parties, arm wrestling and much more. We will post an analysis video soon. It will be accesible with every retail copy purchased starting on 1st October! For now enjoy it guys! GTA 5 Official Gameplay Video Tweet

GTA 5 Video Collection Lifeinvader & Cars Tour

Here are some GTA 5 videos prepared for you from the update. The GTA 5 Social Network “Lifeinvader” Tke your tablet out “dock on” and head on to Lifeinvader.com. Connect to your family, get the latest status updates and shares of your firends online. But watch out: Don’t get too addicted to it.   The Coil Voltic 360 Vehicle Tour Video This is a new sportscar spotted on GTA V official site.   The TAILGATER 360° tour The Tailgator looks a little bit like an Audi A6 sedan.   GTA 5: Feltzer 360 View Video This car is best known for GTA 5 fans. The red Feltzer spider looks...

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