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GTA 5 Locations

Massive GTA 5 Info & Images Update

Sit tight people! Here is the biggest Gta 5 info and images update so far. We have a lot to post and write about it. First there were plenty of images spotted due the...

Pre-order GTA 5 With Limited Items For Xbox 360 & PS 3

UpDaTe: GTA 5 Special & Collector’s Edition available for Pre-Order  now. As a reminder: GTA 5 pre-order for Xbox 360 and PS 3 started today! Now a leak from an unknown store, where the...

Need A GTA 5 Strategy Guide?

While we are awaiting new information about GTA 5 after the Max Payne 3 release, it came out that the seller of strategy guides for videogames, “BradyGames” secured the license and rights to sell...

GTA 5 Locations Ported From San Andreas

Which Locations will GTA 5 include? While we wait for more informations about Grand Theft Auto V, we want to shorten the waiting time for us, by enumerating all possible locations known and expected...