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GTA 5 Rumors

Another GTA 5 Leak!

  The latest GTA 5 rumor is a usual suspect showing up from time to time and was expected from our side. A user at the Gamespot Forums posted a massive amount of leaked...

Rockstar Games Concentrating On Minigames For GTA 5?

Ever since a new GTA game is announced, it gets flooded with tons of rumors and critics from fans and analysts. Some reports from sources around the net reported, that the new Grand Theft...

GTA 5 TV Station?

Since the upcoming blockbuster of Rockstar Games, GTA 5 has been announced, alot of rumors appeared on the hemisphere.The newest one tells, there will be TV stations in Grand Theft Auto 5. Like we...

RUMOR: New GTA 5 Info Next Month!

While waiting for the highly anticipated game Grand Theft Auto V, an interesting rumor appeared around the net: A user on a GTA Forum posted some interesting information about GTA 5 and claiming, that...

Actor Ned Luke as GTA 5 lead character

GTA V main character The actor above is Ned Luke. Some sources on the net brought a suprising rumor to daylight. The rumor: Ned Luke is the lead character of GTA 5! The old...

GTA 5 details leaked > Analyze

GTA 5 Details leaked ? We got news about the GTA 5 details. A source in the internet claims strong connections to Rockstar Games and shows details about the new GTA 5 Game. İt...


Another great GTA V fan-made video about Nico Bellic going to San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V!   Tweet

PSM UK Journalist leaked GTA V Information

Well there were a lot of Rumors, News about leaked information on GTA 5. Here is a new one: A poster from a GTA forum is claiming that to be a journalist for PSM...