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GTA 5 Dating Girlfriends | GTA V | Forum

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GTA 5 Dating Girlfriends


5:59 pm
January 8, 2012



posts 11

GTA 5 Dating System


GTA San Andreas and GTA 4 have dating systems, where you pick up a girlfriend ang go out with her. You could go bowling, in a restaurant to eat, play darts, juast cruising around, go dancing, and at the end if you fullfill her wishes, you get what you are waiting for. Sex! Hot Coffe anyone?

But also important is that you will get benefits from your dates. Some achievments. Like: Keeping your money after you get killed, new bonus clothes, weapons in your save – houses, onee you raised up your levelship to 50 %, and get much better bonusses with time. And maybe when you arrive 100% you can marry her? Every succesfull date and you will get 5 percent raise on her lovemeter.

Now i expect that GTA 5 will have a dating system too.



Finding Girlfriends in GTA V

İn previous games you could get girlfriends while you played missions along the way. This time it probably will be better developed so you will hook them up on random basis. Once you met her your releationship level starts by 10%. imediately her home will appear on the map in startmenu as a red heart! Now you can date her whenever ya want!


Enchanged Dates and Family

Family? i predict that you will get the chance top go further this time. You will get more girlfriend, maybe some of them will stalk you, they will have much more special wishes, give her gifts per example or bring her to a clothes shoping tour,you must take care of them. you can go climbing or skydiving, parachute, driving jetskiis, or even make a race against her. :) i think you will have to mary one of them. What i mean is in story mode. And which one ever you mary, it is not so important and would not change the storyline that much. You will get children and like in some rumors said before, the protag ( maybe Albert Da Silva, Adrian or whatever the name will be) is not the only one character. it's possible that you will have your children growing and he will get a thug too. You co-operate with your son and rob banks together :D Huh, now what you guys say? Would be great what?


Now what dou you think? Do i expect too much?

11:08 am
January 9, 2012



posts 3

excited about the game man, can't wait to hold it in my hands. dating system will be enchanged thats for sure. if you look on the picture in front of mount chillad, you will get what i mean. it's sure that rockstar will bring something new, something revolutionary to the game industry again. like they always did. the fun factor in gta 4 was not the creme de la creme. but they learned from the fans and will be better prepared for GTA San Andreas 2!!! a.k.a GTA 5. hot coffee? could happen that rockstar could "forget" to take the code out of a hot coffee like option so you could have sex with ya girlfriends! i can imagine that a marriage in story mode is nothing impossible, well we will see! hoping for the best.Cool

6:33 am
November 12, 2012



posts 6

Let's update this topic. GTA 5 dating is not possible, if you have read the GTA 5 preview, there will be no romancing in Grand Theft Auto V!! You will get less calls from friends, so you have to call them if you want to meet. All three GTA 5 Protags will have their group of friends and michael has a wife and two children. İ liked the dating system and you could profit from your dates before. More health weapons etc. Unfortunally this option is skipped this time.Frown

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