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GTA 5 Los Santos Locations! | GTA V | Forum

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GTA 5 Los Santos Locations!


10:55 am
December 4, 2011


Avatar of admin

posts 55

What Locations do we know till know in Grand Theft Auto V?

  • City of Los Santos
  • Los Puerta Freeway
  • Vinewood area (real life: Hollywood)
  • Downtown of Los Santos
  • Pleasure Pier at the Beach
  • East Los Santos – Hood etc.
  • Rodeo will be inclueded i guess. (LA: Beverly Hills)
  • Vespucci Beach

  • The Golf Club appeared in the first GTA 5 trailer
  • The observatory of Los Santos ( The area seems an almost exact copy of Los Angeles)
  • Port of LS – Docks
  • Little Seoul ( Korea Town?)
  • Country Side
  • Beaches
  • San Andreas Bay
  • Country Side
    • Mountains
    • Probally with small towns in it
    • Windfarms
    • Other Farms and "Grows" ( maybe animal farms?)

    İt looks like San Fierro and Las Venturas isn't included this time. Maybe a southern California in the present time.

    San Diego = Los puerta? Well we will see…

    What dou you think?

    9:21 pm
    February 2, 2012


    Avatar of johnny

    posts 10

    i expect san fierro and las venturas too. it is not confirmed and it is not denied at all. in february we will probably get some new info about gta 5. trailer would be awesome!

    6:37 pm
    July 13, 2012



    posts 3

    saw glen park or echo park in los santos in the official screenshot 1 now. downtown, port of los santos, the city hall, rodeo drive, the mall, the golf course, observatory and little seoul.

    11:41 pm
    December 27, 2012


    Avatar of Luke

    posts 1

    I think the golden gate bridge and bay city sign in trailer 2 give away that san fiero will def be in this game! what do you think? pause the 2nd trailer at exactly 1:22 and youll see what i mean

    7:05 am
    December 30, 2012


    Avatar of psycho

    posts 21

    the bridge is not the golden gate bridge i think. it is located at the L.S. dpcks. But where bay city are will be, who knows?Definitely not in san fierro or las venturas, thats for sure.

    7:10 am
    December 30, 2012


    Avatar of franklin

    posts 4

    Luke said:

    I think the golden gate bridge and bay city sign in trailer 2 give away that san fiero will def be in this game! what do you think? pause the 2nd trailer at exactly 1:22 and youll see what i mean

    i mean come on. only Los Santos is confirmed. The city looks smaller, but the bay city area is not in SF, it's in L.S dude!

    8:58 am
    July 15, 2013


    Avatar of psycho

    posts 21


    Vespucci beach and vespucci canals is confirmed from trailers and pics too. in real world those would be venice beach and canals.

    Rockford hills is one of the richest quarters of Los Santos.

    The similarities between south central and south los santos exists. Home of franklin.

    Del Perro pier

    Pleasurre pier

    LS Golf Clubs

    The countryside has finally a name. Blaine County. The turf of Trevor with ongoing drugwars between bikergangs like the lost from gta iv and trevor.

    Did we mentioned Mt. Chilliad, Mount josiah from the CVG preview.

    Alamo sea seems to be a huge lake in the middle of blaine county. There is also a prison seen in the gameplay video where they zoom in to trevor.

    Land act dam' s name was revealed trough the video too and the surrounding Tataviam mountains

    Land act dam

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