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Actor Ned Luke as GTA 5 lead character

GTA V main character

The actor above is Ned Luke. Some sources on the net brought a suprising rumor to daylight. The rumor: Ned Luke is the lead character of GTA 5! The old guy in the first GTA 5 trailer ( on the right) looks almost like him. That’s suspicious. Also their voices are a exact match. We now from previous GTA games, that the voice actor always looked like the main protagonist.

On IMDB, Grand theft Auto 5 was listed under Ned Luke’s credits. But the main info came from Twitter.

Jimmy Taenaka posts, 5 november 2011 on twitter:


He replied to questions from igta5.com with the following:


After the first trailer Ned’s couisin tweeted about him in Twitter, and it seems like, she doesn’t like him that much :)


And finally the last envidence?

An Twitter account of Ned Luke ( not verified). He posted about “Grand Theft Auto Memories” on November 5th via twitter. Actually the account is deleted.

Actually this are only rumors, but looks like it could be true, right?


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  1. Tiziana says
    26 March 12, 1:14am

    Great! At least it has been acknowledged, got a neleifg we gonna hear about it in the next 3 months, probably in 3 months at E3 to be exact Who cares? Hmmmm thats why GTA 3 and Vice city were some of the best selling games in Ps2 history.San Andreas THE BEST selling ps2 game in history, not to mention those titles were just as critically accepted.GTA V will outsell Red Dead Redemption and L.A Noire combined. Critically it will match or surpass both those titles Who cares eh? 2 likes

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  2. akash says
    15 July 12, 1:15am

    i like gta 5 lead actor but there no better lead actor than niko bellic in gta 4.niko bellic is the best lead character i have ever seen in gta history.

    VA:F [1.9.11_1134]
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