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GTA 5 Map and Locations


UPDATE: The full GTA 5 preview with all informations is out now!

GTA 5 Map and locations and what we know about it at the moment! How big will the map be? Which Locations will the Grand theft auto V area include? The often discussed leaked map, is it real?

How big will GTA 5 be?

Rockstar Games confirmed, it will be  the “largest and also most ambitious” game till yet. So what is Rockstar saying? When we think about how big San Andreas was, and in fact, that Rockstar announced it will include Los Santos, surrounding area and hills, brings the question with it, if the City of Los Santos will be a few times bigger then Liberty City in GTA 4? Or will the countryside will be such a big area? Well for myself, i hope it will be a good mix of both. Bigger then San Andreas means more then 13.9 square miles = 36 square kilometers! Wooow! Do you guys remember how long it took to drive from one city to the other in S.A?

Which Cities will V include?

At first Los Santos thats for sure. But which districts? We saw in the trailer, there is Little Seoul at first. Also there will be a Downtown. We have seen at the bilboard Los Puerta Fwy ! North and south! Could it be a quarter of L.S., or is it a standalone city? The number I-5 is usually the San Diego Freeway! So it could be a South Californian Map only without San Fierro and Las Venturas, but wit the fictive San Diego a.k.a. Los Puerta? Well we will see. The countrsde could inclued some other locations, like small towns or villages. Also a marine and an Airforce Base is possible. We all saw the Hydra Jetfighter right? The docks, the beaches, the mountains, the farmland etc.

Leaked GTA 5 Map?

Well there have been tons of rumors about the new GTA but this one looks to be real??? What do you think? A Twitter user, known as an Rockstar employee announced that he will get dissmissed in two weeks and he want to release the Grand Theft Auto Five map on his account! Not sure if its real? but the City looks huge!


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  1. GTAnswer says
    04 January 12, 4:17pm

    I heard lots and lots of rumors about how large the GTA5 will be. But I found one that got me the most attention. It was on a video that he was predicting of how large will the map be on GTA5. And whats special about this video is that before he was gonna tell us how large the map will be he showed us proof all by a trail of GTA5. And after I watched that video, I realized that his prediction is greater than any others prediction. Picture GTA4 map in your mind. Now try to picture 5 to 7 maps of GTA4 mushed together. So the question is, how big is the GTA5 map going to be? Answer is…. It’s going to be about 7 times bigger than GTA4. It’s gonna be HUGE!!!! I promise you, that is the closest answer you’ll probably ever get.

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  2. Kyle
    Kyle says
    08 January 12, 9:22am

    OK. “GTAnswer”. Maybe you can tell us where the vid can be found? So other fans can view it too? instead of talking about it, without showing a source…

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  3. Deathon says
    27 May 12, 8:35pm

    this is just a renamed version of the midnight club LA map

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  4. Profile photo of benou
    benou says
    07 July 12, 2:57am

    i have a question . are will be in multiplayer Roleplay servers? it will be awesome!

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  5. Tihei says
    05 November 12, 5:17pm

    “are will be in multiplayer” don’t even make sense puto pitt

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