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GTA 5 Online Info, 12 New Screenshots & Lithograph

Latest Screencaps

Rockstar Games newest post released 12 brand new GTA 5 Screenshots with the theme “The Fast Life.”


GTA 5 Lithograph

gta-5 lithograph starategy guide pre-orderBut that”s not all, in a previous post on the newswire at Rockstar Games Homepage, they announced a new item to be included in the pre-order pack of Brandy Games GTA V Strategy Guide, a Lithograph with the trio on it, preparing themselves for a robbery.







GTA Online

We all saw Rockstar promising something revolutionary for what they called ‘Grand Theft Auto: Online‘, but what does that exactly mean? What’s behind the mystery? Maybe they adapt some functions of the succesfull fanmade SA:MP servers? Another question would be: Why does the title not include ‘V‘ in it? Did they create a new system that will be used on all upcoming GTA games? However, they stated out, there will be more infos about that topic in August and new media will be published as well. So stay tuned as ever and discuss on the GTA V Forums.


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