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‘GTA 5′ Pictures: Shark Attacks, Dogs in Vehicles, Submarines

Today, a handfull of GTA 5 Pictures were given as a X-mas gift from Rockstar to the fans.

Exactly 5 new GTA 5 screenshots revealed sharks in Los Santos, pretty submarines to explore the underwater at the coastline, showing the possibility to carry dogs in your vehicles and big plane, maybe a jumbo jet fliying next to a fighter-jet.

GTA 5 Shark Attacks












This picture gives us a view from the underwater area in Los Santos. You can clearly see a shark and above hin a human swimming trough the sea. The shark looks huge. GTA 5 shark attacks would give a welcome diverse to the already exciting looking open-worlder.


GTA 5 Submarines

The submarines will give the player the oppurtunity to explore the underwater world of GTA 5 with no extra effort.

GTA 5 Airport

On the same scene we can see the GTA 5 airport and tower in the background.












‘GTA 5′ allows the player to get your dog/animals in your vehicle

We see Franklin driving his dog (Chop) around the city.

dog in cars











GTA 5 Big Flyable Plane ( Jumbo Jet?)












Michael, Franklin and Trevor meeting

michael, trevor, franklin meetup

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  1. Xavier mosley says
    20 January 13, 12:15pm

    Well to me I think day shud either use trailer2 as da comircal
    Datz gonna b kuming soon or make a trailer 3 with
    da shark!!! And skuba diving

    VA:F [1.9.11_1134]
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