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Rockstar has confirmed that GTA 5 is in full developement. And it should probably come out in May or September 2012 for the consoles PS 3, Xbox 360 and for PC. That’s all rumor, but to overcome the waiting time, Ambroise Carminati and Eicar realized a fake advertisement video for USI group.


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  1. Tran says
    25 March 12, 3:38am

    Im thinking GTAV is going to release in october with all the other gta launch days or april because gta IV came out in April.Here’s a list of all the release dates in order. Based on North America Release Dates, Grand Theft Auto October 1997. Grand Theft Auto 2 October 25, 1999. Grand Theft Auto III October 22, 2001. Grand Theft Auto Vice City October 27, 2002. Grand Theft Auto Advanced October 25, 2004. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas October 26, 2004 Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories October 25, 2005. Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories October 31, 2006. Grand Theft Auto IV April 29,2008. Grand Theft Auto The Lost And Damned February 17, 2009 / PS3,PC Version April 13, 2010. Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars March 17, 2009 / PSP Version October 20, 2009.Grand Theft Auto The Ballad of Gay Tony October 29, 2009 / PS3,PC version April 13, 2010

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