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Need A GTA 5 Strategy Guide?

While we are awaiting new information about GTA 5 after the Max Payne 3 release, it came out that the seller of strategy guides for videogames, “BradyGames” secured the license and rights to sell the Grand Theft Auto V strategy guide! They are selling GTA guides for years already.This could be a very lucrative deal for them. BradyGames expecting a sellout.

Brady’s global strategy guide publisher Mike Degler:

“When Grand Theft Auto V finally comes out, we’re going to have a really good year. We know we’re going to sell out of strategy guides for that game.”

As GTA is an open-world or with the other name a sandbox game where you can explore the fictive World of Los Santos and surrounding area. This guide could become handy. I remember when i first bought a game guide for GTA San Andreas. I wouldn’t use it at first, but in missions you just couldn’t complete, it was very useful. But it is mainly used to find hidden points on the map like hidden packages, vehicles, pigeons, hidden weapons spread around the map or even finding all Easter eggs to complete the game with 100%.

Do you use strategy guides for games, and if yes, for what exactly? Consider to tell us in the comments or join the discussions at the GTA 5 forums!

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