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Planes in Grand Theft Auto Five

GTA V Planes



Oooh yeah! You remember the Privatjet from GTA San Andreas. It was one of my favorites, and still is. You will definitely enjoy this one. I got this San Andreas feeling back right now.



Is something for the waterrats under us. But will it have rivers etc. in the city of GTA V like in Vice City ? Ocean yes, thats for sure!




Seems like you can’t start vertical with this one right? I loved it in S.A, that you could use the Jetfighter where ever you want. Because driving trough the Badlands was a long story. The Jetpack back. That would be a great idea. Now what you guys say?


Maverick Helicopter – Police Copter

Looks great in the Grand Theft Auto V Trailer.


The Cropduster

Or should we say the poison cloud ?

The Cropduster scene zoomed.


This Blimp could get in the focus of °accidental° crashes

Her you can find GTA V Vehäcles

and here the Watercrafts


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  1. 14 November 11, 12:37am

    When the new GTA comes out next year it’s gonna put every game to shame check out the trailer on rockstar.com

    VA:F [1.9.11_1134]
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    • Pepenkz says
      25 March 12, 10:41am

      another option for a release date (rather, a release month) is october 2012 as all the licence plates in the trailer have OCT’ on the registration stickers. i’d also say the For sale 24/05 is just a coincidence, although i’d be more than happy to be proven wrong on that point

      VA:F [1.9.11_1134]
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