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Rockstar Games Concentrating On Minigames For GTA 5?

Ever since a new GTA game is announced, it gets flooded with tons of rumors and critics from fans and analysts. Some reports from sources around the net reported, that the new Grand Theft Auto 5 will heavily concentrate on minigames then in-depth developing of the story missions.


Fans of the series telling that GTA 4 was too flat in matter of game-playing and options to spend time with. You just couldn’t do that much besides of the story missions.Rockstar is preparing for a new release with tons of minigames and possibilities to spend more time with the game, except then the missions? Well another fact is, GTA 5 will have the biggest and longest storyline since the birth of the series.

So we don’t think the story will come too short. Rockstar will come up with something extra ordinary. Something never seen before! A new technology or a new idea, which pushes the limit of gaming to another level. They have to if they won’t disappoint the fans.

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  1. Joel says
    27 June 12, 12:47am

    Real world L.A? I don’t think so the GTA Universe has always been a praody of the USA itself. So putting real world L.A. in the game would change the face of GTA forever.Besides I know thats Its gonna be Los Santos and not L.A. They’re just using real world names to cover up thats its gonna be back in San Andreas.

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