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RUMOR: New GTA 5 Info Next Month!

While waiting for the highly anticipated game Grand Theft Auto V, an interesting rumor appeared around the net:

A user on a GTA Forum posted some interesting information about GTA 5 and claiming, that he wrote an email to Rockstar Games and got an answer back where the employee explains, he should wait till next month for new infos.

Original post of the fan:

I sent an email to R* asking about the platforms and other info. I thought that their response would be vague, and wouldn’t give away any info whatsoever. Most of their reply was typical R*. However, the last line may have given away a crucial bit of information. It read:

This is the answer from the Rockstar Games employee, which the fan claims to be true:

For news on Grand Theft Auto V keep an eye on the Rockstar Newswire in the coming month:



Rockstar Games

The fan goes on with:

New trailer in February, anyone?

The image he shows as an evidence:


The site was loading too long, so i show the pic here, click for a full screen view:

Rockstar Games new GTA 5 info email

He also posted the email he have sent to Rockstar Games. The email address:

mouthoff [@]rockstargames[.]com   >>> Please don’t spam!!


The mail I sent:

Hello Rockstar,
I’m a huge fan of your games. I shed tears of joy when GTA V was announced. I jumped up and down in joy while watching the trailer countdown count to zero. I felt my jaw hit the floor while watching the trailer.

However, I do not own a console, only a PC. I’ll understand if you can’t confirm anything at this point, but please, consider this a request from a patient PC gamer, who has waited for each and every Rockstar game with bated breath, […] Yes, you did say that it wasn’t viable, but GTA V for sure, will be viable on the PC, because GTA started on the PC. PC was, is, and will remain the definitive GTA experience.

GTA IV for the PC was released 6 months after the consoles. L.A. Noire is releasing today, 6 months after the consoles. Max Payne 3 is launching simultaneously for all three platforms, so I can’t see why you shouldn’t do the same for GTA V.


He is redirecting to a poll of GTA 5 fans and explains the most fans are awaiting new info this month:

This shows that a lot of GTA fans agree with my opinion. Rockstar, make my wish come true, and I’ll forever remain a diehard Rockstar fan.

PS: Awesome trailer, Rockstar. You guys are the best!


Now we think also that Rockstar will release new infos around February, but if the fan is saying the truth or trolling? Who knows, but we hope for some news, because the Max Payne 3 delay killed the hopes of a Grand Theft Auto 5 pre-summer release!


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