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Vehicles Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 Vehicles seen in the First Trailer

We took screenshots from the first trailer and analized all seen vehicles.

Here is a almost complete list of cars that we could fınd out!


Super GT

The Super GT is in GTA V again ??




The often used Sentinel is also back in GTA 5.




The possible Cheetah looks like Audi R8



The Mesa Grande looks like an Hummer in real life.




The Huntley a.k.a. Range Rover




This car looks like a Cognoscenti Hatchback



A possible Phoenix Muscle Car?



This Van used for a bankrob in the GTA5 trailer looks almost like a BURRITO from previous GTA Games.



The truck in the background.




Almost forgot the good old Caddy


and at last but not least: ON FOOT 😉

Run B**** Run!


You can find the planes database under Airplanes

and here the Watercrafts


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  1. Ali says
    25 March 12, 3:24am

    Row games before but I have to admit that it looks a bit more fun than the retsilaic take that Grand Theft Auto V is taking. But I dunno if I ever want to play another game where you use a dildo as a bat. Last

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  2. B.A.B. says
    11 May 12, 11:58am

    Lets not forget about the Jet-ski. I can’t wait for the next GTA to take place on the West Coast I love New York but I miss the 4 wheelers, monster truck, Stock Car Racer and bikes. The back country and long highways would make a biker episode great like lost and the damned GTA V. Think about it Hells Angels Meth runners that uses the Drug wars buying and selling as a side mission to get funds.
    GTA Apocalyptics would be a change of style were it is sort of like far Cry and Fallout with the GTA free roam car jacking that we love.

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    • Kyle
      Kyle says
      11 May 12, 12:57pm

      Great comment B.A.B….
      A true fan here. That’s great.
      P.S: The jet-ski is under watercrafts. You can find the link at the end of the post.

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    • Yuccia says
      13 September 12, 9:55pm

      good bye Liberty City, hello .? And the map even looks the exact same as the image that was shown if you go on google maps and sercah England look at the left of the map

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  3. carmelo says
    04 June 13, 1:45pm

    better graphic’s/ better cars/better info/better houses/better missions.

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