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Will GTA 5 be funny?

How should the new GTA 5 be?

That’s what i’m asking me for a while!

Why is that?  Why must a game be so serious and realistic? A game is for escaping from the real world for some hours. That’s why it should make fun and should not be too serious.

The handling of the protag in GTA 4 was slippy. he moved heavily around. L.A. Noire looks creepy for me.Also a problem for me: The light and colours in GTA 4 and the new generation of Tv’s and games at all are more with cold blue light! San andreas was not like that att all, imagine a sunset in SA. That’s how it schould look like.

Melancholia: We have that enough in real life. Rockstar Games needs to go back to its roots. Seriously! 😉


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  1. Alexander says
    19 February 12, 9:25am

    Great news, ten years and the game still rocks! I have to cofsens that every 3 months I replay GTA 3 and man,this is something to have it on my iPhone everyday!

    VA:F [1.9.11_1134]
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