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GTA Online Official Gameplay Video Out!

Finally, the most anticipated GTA Online Gameplay Video is out! Rockstar Games held what it promised, and brought almost all features of the single player missions to the GTA 5 online free world. You can play with up to 16 players in a massive Los Santos and Blaine County area, organazing heist jobs, co-op missions, take part in fun activities like house parties, arm wrestling and much more. We will post an analysis video soon. It will be accesible with every retail copy purchased starting on 1st October! For now enjoy it guys! GTA 5 Official Gameplay Video Tweet

GTA 5 Video Collection Lifeinvader & Cars Tour

Here are some GTA 5 videos prepared for you from the update. The GTA 5 Social Network “Lifeinvader” Tke your tablet out “dock on” and head on to Lifeinvader.com. Connect to your family, get the latest status updates and shares of your firends online. But watch out: Don’t get too addicted to it.   The Coil Voltic 360 Vehicle Tour Video This is a new sportscar spotted on GTA V official site.   The TAILGATER 360° tour The Tailgator looks a little bit like an Audi A6 sedan.   GTA 5: Feltzer 360 View Video This car is best known for GTA 5 fans. The red Feltzer spider looks...

Massive GTA 5 Info & Images Update

Sit tight people! Here is the biggest Gta 5 info and images update so far. We have a lot to post and write about it. First there were plenty of images spotted due the official GTA 5 site update and and they disclosed so much details. GTA 5 Locations, Landmarks and Companies There are plenty of new companies and locations revealed so let’s start: The Hawick Distric Strawberry District Rockford Hills with The Rockford Drive and Plaza, Portala Drive The famous high bridge over the river with a railroad upon it. Calafia Bridge in Blaine County Pala Springs with Aireal Tramway and Skyview Cafebar LS flight school Grand Senora...

GTA 5 Governor: Jack Cranley & Sue Murry Election Campaign Video

GTA 5 Governor: Jack Cranley & Sue Murry Election Campaign Videos are hilarous funny. The candidates use heavy artillery against each other. The question here is not who you give your vote, it’s more who you don’t vote for. The Bad or the Mad? GTA 5 Jock Cranley Governor Campaign Spot The colors hint to a parody of the Republicans and Democrates. A former stuntman, actor, he hates imigrants, old ladys and even cops. The politician took part in a “18 Wheeler Death Race”, jumped from skycrapers. His slogan:” Jock will throttle the deficit just like he used to throttle the bad guys.” Visit his website Jockcranley.com   Sue...

GTA 5 New Vehicles Update

Rockstar Games Site Update August, 13th: We spotted some new great GTA 5 vehicles. LS Customs Repair Shop Custom Vehicles There are at first the LS customs tuned vehicles like the Benefactor Dubsta Jeep, the Dewbauchee Rapid GT sportscar, the Grotti Carbonizarre and the Vigero Declasse muscle car. The name of Franklin’s green motorbike is Xero. You can clearly see it written on the tail of the sports bike. Other images revealed the Obey Tailgater, the Vapid Pickup, the red Feltzer, which was in previous GTA’s, the Dundeary and the electro car Coil Voltic. We couldn’t identify the rest. Take a look below and tell us in the comments....

Starting Rich In GTA 5, New Murals Teased

As the Brazilian Game Magazine “Playstation Revista Oficial” wrote, there are some new features and GTA 5 infos to explore. A fan translated the articles with some old and new details in it. The most infos were already spotted in older reviews, however some are interesting. Please enjoy this infos with caution. Spoiler alarm!  We can’t really confirm this infos due the lack of Brazilian skills but it’s widely accepted as true.. Michael starts rich in the game, where he lives at first in the “Hotel Von Crastenburg”. He joined the “Fib”(fictive in-game Fbi) witness program and probably will later in the story join his family at his mansion.....

GTA 5 Online Info, 12 New Screenshots & Lithograph

Latest Screencaps Rockstar Games newest post released 12 brand new GTA 5 Screenshots with the theme “The Fast Life.”   GTA 5 Lithograph But that”s not all, in a previous post on the newswire at Rockstar Games Homepage, they announced a new item to be included in the pre-order pack of Brandy Games GTA V Strategy Guide, a Lithograph with the trio on it, preparing themselves for a robbery.             GTA Online We all saw Rockstar promising something revolutionary for what they called ‘Grand Theft Auto: Online‘, but what does that exactly mean? What’s behind the mystery? Maybe they adapt some functions of the...

New Gameinformer Q&A and 16 Images

Gameinformer had the luck again to sit down with the developers of Grand theft Auto and make a Q and A with two articles. The first one is about Customization and the second completely about Cover and Combat System. Alot infos revealed with the GTA 5 Gameplay video yesterday and while that a handfull of new GTA 5 pictures were published around the web.   Tweet

GTA 5 Gameplay Video Kick-Around, 319 Screenshots!

Welcome to the in-depth GTA 5 Gameplay video inspection! The released vid is completely from in-game footage. We seperated the video into 319 screenshots frame-by-frame. Not usual for Rockstar Games, they put the first official GTA gameplay video ever online at 9th july, 10 a.m. E.T. GTA 5 First Gameplay Video     Analysis GTA 5 HUD Minimap: The radar/minimap is in 3D, a rectangle instead of the circle one like in Grand Theft Auto iv. Three bars are at the bottom line of the rectangle: Green Bar: Health Blue Bar: Armor Yellow Bar: Propably the special skill bar which is shown as weapon-skill for Michael while taking a...

GTA 5 FAQ: HDD Space, Character Switching, Customization!

After a period of silence, Rockstar has answered the most frequently asked questions from the GTA V fans like hard disk space reqs, online multiplayer, character switching, vehicle and weapon customization, map, pc & next-gen versions etc. So what did they say exactly: There won’t be another delay. The difference between the Xbox 360 verison and the PS3 won’t be visible that much. You will have the same gameplay experience. There will be proper soloutions against online game cheaters. The multiplayer functions seem to be further developed and they call it now Grand Theft Auto Online!? Expect to hear some details soon. Talking about a PC version, Rockstar stated...

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