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9 GTA 5 Snapshots From PS4 Reveal Event – E3

While Sony revealed the new PS4 gameconsole at the E3 conference, which looks much better then the Xbox One in my opinion, we could see some GTA 5 images on the screen. Now Rockstar published 9 of those screenshots on the newswire. One of them shows a large country – side area, what could help to compose the fanmade map more correctly, which is based on real snippets of Los Santos and wider area. The city of LS was widely based on this snippets but the country side not at all. Also seen: Franklin’s goatee (hello barbershop!), a new car model, the cropduster plane and much more.   Tweet

Epsilon Program Application Has Ended > Answer

For those who doesn’t have a clue about this: Epsilon is a fictive religion in GTA 5 and Rockstar Games came up with that before in other games of the series. The cult is believed to be a parody of Scientology with humorous facts about life. The application program expired today and we got an e-mail from R* with these sentences in it:   Dear friend, You’ve just made the best decision of your entire life. In fact, you’ve made the best decision anyone has made for a trillion years or more. If you were to live for another billion years, you would not make a better decision. In...

BUY GTA 5 Special & Collector’s Edition Via Pre-Order

Today Rockstar announced that there will be a Grand theft auto V Special and Collector’s Edition next to the regular one. The option to pre-order the game has started today and that’s what you get for the extra money: All who pre-order any edition untill the release date 17 september, will get the option to fly the “Atomic” Blimp that was seen on a lot pictures floating over the Los Santos skyline. As it seems it is referred to Atomic Tires: High above the streets of Los Santos floats the Atomic Blimp, hawking Los Santos’ finest tire company, whose products are available in any LS Customs garage. The GTA...

Four New GTA V Pictures

There were four new GTA V screenshots revealed at last, and with every update we get more and more a idea of the complete game and how great it will be. The latest screenshots have submarines, scuba diving, Franklin chased on a dirt bike and two snaps of amazing designed muscle cars like the dark red Sabre GT. Tweet

35 New Grand Theft Auto V Screen Captions!

The latest update from Rockstar Games and the published GTA 5 pictures from several previews these weeks were impressive. From heists, new cars, weapons, drive-by’s from the Grove Street Gang member Franklin on the Ballas Gang to this gorgeous looking giant open – world playground of Los Santos took our breath away. We think the latest update will convince also the hardest detractors. Revealed are some locations like the Bahama West Mamas, which seems to be a strip club or the Doppler, looking like a five star hotel. 35 new captions of joy! Tweet

GTA 5 Franklin Trailer Captions

5gta.com, the best gta 5 source on the web. We made a lot of screencaptions of the latest trailer about the homie Franklin’s life in da hood ( Grove Street 4 life) and put them together in our gallery. Looks awesome. The San Andreas feeling is back guys! Tweet

GTA 5 Michael Trailer Screenshots

As you guys know the latest character trailers were amazing. We have now put the latest GTA V michael trailer caps frame by frame together for the case you want to analyze a specific scene from the video. Enjoy! Tweet

GTA 5 Trevor Trailer Screenshots

Here we go! We splitted the video “Grand theft auto V Character Trailer” of Trevor and presenting you the screenshots frame by frame. There were too much frames so we picked the best ones out. GTA 5 Trevor Trailer Screencaps     Tweet

GTA V Trevor Trailer 5 HD

And now 5GTA proudly presents the fifth Grand theft auto V trailer in the series of three character trailers published all in one. This specific video shows the countryside with the redneck protag and maniac Trevor who is causing a lot trouble. He is seen againg in some bar fights. Trevor is also the pilot of the crew similiar to “Murdock” from the 80’s TV series “the A-Team”. They have absolutely more in common then only fliying aircrafts, thats for sure! Man i love this psycho!       Tweet

GTA 5 Michael Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V is the leading game series of Rockstar Games. After the delay of their latest game GTA 5 some hardcore fans were a little bit dissapointed about this bad news. But the developers started a info marathon about this game make things straight again! The latest publishment shows 3 trailers about all protagonist of GTA V, exactly three videos. This one show a insight view of the life of Michael, the leader of the group! Have fun watching it! Tweet

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