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GTA 5 Franklin Trailer

Such a exciting thing! The GTA 5 Franklin trailer shows the hood of Los Santos and Franklin as a gangbanger in green colours! He and his homies seem to be from the Grove street families gang. The scenes show some interesting footage where Franklin defeats some Ballas Gang members. One of them proofs that the players will be attacking people with the dog named Chop! The story is about him trying to get away from the ghettos and have a better life! Enjoy! Tweet

GTA 5 Character Trailers Out Now!

Hey guys, the announced GTA V trailers about Michael, Trevor and Franklin are out now. The Rockstar publishing week came to a final with the most anticipated infos, namely the trailers 3, 4 and 5! Franklin seems from the Los Santos Street Gang Grove Street Families with the green gang colours. Have fun and enjoy! Tweet

GTA 5 Trailer 3, 4 & 5 on Tuesday, April 30th

And we had right! The Epsilon screensaver with the loop ending April 29th was a countdown for the GTA 5 Trailers 3, 4 and 5. Rockstar Games announced today that their will be Trailers, yes you heard it right, multiple trailers, one for each character Michael, Trevor and Franklin. They posted this frame below which will show the videos on April 30th. So mark your calendars and check out this page to watch them.     We expect a detailed insight view of the playable characters lifes, with a dedicated summary for each protagonist. Fans around the world are excited abot the news. You can preorder GTA 5 now...

GTA 5 Trailer 3 on 29 April, Epsilon Screensaver Hints

For all that tuned in right now, Epsilon is a fictional cult-religion in gta games that also appeared in previous installments of the game like San Andreas. A viral marketing program of the developer Rockstar Games with humoristic “facts” about the life.The official site of the cult can be found here.     The latest propaganda which shows a gta v screensaver in an endless loop can be downloaded over the newswire. The screensavers background seems to be actual footage of Grand theft auto V’s world. Another interesting detail shows a picture of a person which actually could be the leader of epsilon, maybe a preacher. Rockstar stated: “Directions...

GTA V Official Box Art – Cover

After a long time of silence Rocksta Games released a new screenshots pack last week. Now they released the frst official GTA V Box Art – Cover Art. The image shows all three playable character Michael Trevor and Franklin. The new Aud R8 look-a-like car “Rf9″ is on the picture too.You can download the official cover art for desktop or as a GTA 5 HD Wallpaper in different varations here. Enjoy!   Tweet

GTA 5: Minigun, Infernus, Amphitheater Etc.

Grand theft auto v is the most banticipated game of 2013. Since the delay we didn’t hear alot about the game and the developement progress. Rockstar Games is busy developing GTA 5, but will the game come out for the next gen consoles PS4 and Xbox720, or only for the current generation? What we know for sure is they just published some new pictures on the newswire and we wanted to share them with you guys. The images reveal some great details. Click on the images for original size! The Pleasure Pier in stormy weather                     Los Santos River  ...

GTA 5: The A-Team Similarities

For the first time in the Grand theft auto series, the player will have the option to change between three protagonists. After the announcement of the delay, we focused our view on the already existing GTA 5 material that Rockstar Games revealed until today. An amazing fact came up under the spotlight. The game has a lot similarity with “The A-Team”, an American action-adventure television series running between 1983 to 1987. The series still runs in some channels. Maybe some of you know it from the remake with Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper etc. in the leading roles. Character Similarities Michael and John “Hannibal” Smith Both are the leader of...

GTA 5 Delayed: Release Date 17th September 2013

We all were hoping for a release date as soon as possible for the most anticipated game of 2013. Unfortunately Rockstar Games announced the official GTA 5 release date to be: 09.17.2013! Yes trust your eyes. The date is confirmed by now. We were expecting an announcement with the release of the boxart from R*. But as they said, the boxart will be delayed too for a while. This could be a move to gain extra time before release, so they can develope the video game for the next-gen consoles too like PS4 or Xbox 720! Rockstar Games apologizes for any inconvenience: article Tweet

‘GTA 5′ Pictures: Shark Attacks, Dogs in Vehicles, Submarines

Today, a handfull of GTA 5 Pictures were given as a X-mas gift from Rockstar to the fans. Exactly 5 new GTA 5 screenshots revealed sharks in Los Santos, pretty submarines to explore the underwater at the coastline, showing the possibility to carry dogs in your vehicles and big plane, maybe a jumbo jet fliying next to a fighter-jet. GTA 5 Shark Attacks                     This picture gives us a view from the underwater area in Los Santos. You can clearly see a shark and above hin a human swimming trough the sea. The shark looks huge. GTA 5 shark attacks...

‘Vice City’ The Lab Part 2: Sound

Rockstar Games publishing a three-part-series “Behind the scenes” of Grand Theft Auto Vice City aka “The LAB”.   “GTA Vice City” Behind The Scenes Part 2: This part is all about the sound. Here is a short quote from RG: From the attention paid to the Vice City radio dial which hosted an unprecedented soundtrack of licensed music from the 80s plus original ‘talk radio’ stations, to the intensive sound design that helped make the game’s open world come alive, today’s edition of The Lab has some glimpses behind the scenes that have never been published online till today: Radio Stations: There are in all 9 radio stations: Fever...

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