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The Latest GTA V Pictures

Grand Theft Auto V’ Protags, Story and World are not a real secret anymore. A lot of new informations were released trough different medias. We collected some of the latest images found on the net. So here is the latest batch of GTA 5 pictures! We hope that the GTA 5 info flow holds on, so we can update the site with more pictures and news on a daily basis! Thank you for reading! “Okey lets’s bounce!” Tweet

Gameinformer’s GTA 5 Questions & Answers

A busy week for all GTA 5 fans out there. A lotta information flow was revealed the last weeks. The latest installment is a Gameinformer GTA 5 Q&A! Very interesting Questions with much more exciting answers from Rockstar Games! Let’s have a look on the story! Can you play as one of the three characters throughout the whole game, or do you have to switch? Could I play it three times through and have a different perspective of the story each time? You cannot play the entire game with just one character. Think of the narrative like a movie with several lead characters. Sometimes you’re only watching one of...

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 2 Analysis

Let’s make a short analysis of the second Grand Theft Auto V Trailer!     The GTA 5 trailer 2‘s theme song is: Stevie Wonder – Skeletons! By the way: The song Radar Love by Golden Earring seems to be confirmed as one of the in-game radio soundtracks. Michael says “He is in the game for years”, and he owns a mansion( the one from earlier releases with the tennis court) and a RF, which is similiar to the Audi R8 in real life. He is in trouble because of his family. Trevor’s last name is Phillips: He refers to it as “Trevor Phillips Enterprises.” You can get at...

GTA 5 Second Trailer Pictures!

Now we took as soon as possible GTA 5 Trailer 2 Screenshots! Better versions of them will be provided later, after analysing the trailer to the fullest! These images promise to give us a lotta informations about GTA 5’s story, world and characters! Enjoy it guys! Tweet

GTA 5 Trailer 2 HD

Finally the GTA 5 Trailer 2 is out! Proudly presented to you by 5GTA.com The official GTA 5 Trailer 2 first scene shows how Michaels family are arguing, while Michael is smoking and drinking his cocktail at his mansions pool! The second scene moves on to Trevor, while he is cutting hell loose! You can catch up some of the countryside places. While the third trailer scene shows how Michael and Franklin interact. There is a lot infos to tell at our post GTA 5 Trailer 2 Analysis. Enjoy!   The song of the second GTA 5 Trailer is Skeletons by Stevie Wonder Tweet

GTA 5 Trailer 2 Download Links Leaked!

UPDATE: Click the plus button on the videobar below to get the download links! High info traffic for all GTA 5 fans these weeks! Now Rockstar Games updated their site with a GTA 5 Trailer 2 video placeholder and countdown. As soon as the trailer is published, it will be show up on the embed frame here: While surfing and viewing the page, something unordinary happened. The GTA 5 placeholder picture and countdown for the second trailer disappeared. The screen went black and the video-bar popped up. Damn i tought the video will start loading. My heart almost stopped working. But nothing happened and the screen stayed black. But...

Newest GTA 5 Images Summary!

Hey guys, time to present you the latest pack of GTA V screenshots and pictures. They revealed us a lot of informations: There will be animals in GTA 5, birds wich attacks pedestrians, if they come to close, dogs, horses from the Grapeseed photo and cows. Another image shows us a huge territory behind the hills of Vinewood. Seeing Frankling, the black guy making wheelies with the bike, a infernus like sportscar, the audi r8 equivalent “9F” sportscar and much more. Enjoy the latest installment of GTA 5 images! Tweet

GTA 5 Preview

Here the full  GTA 5 Preview! Facts First: » Platform: PlayStation 3 • Xbox 360 » Style: 1-Player Action/Adventure » Publisher: Take Two » Developer: Rockstar Games » Release Date: 09.17.2013 Players work together during missi9ons and you can switch between the three main protagonists “nearly any time.” That happens smoothly. The protagonists are called: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Each character has it’s own personality, ability and friends. Characters you are not currently controlling will get off and do what they want to. It’s the same universe as Grand Theft Auto 4 and Liberty City, so recurring characters could occur, unless they are from the PS2-era titles. But there is...

GTA 5 Magazine Cover Revealed 3 Main Protagonists!

Hello GTA Fans!! Hilarous news about the most anticipated game in history! Game Informer just published the GTA 5 Cover just hours before the release of their GTA 5 Preview, which will be 18 pages long. Filled with screenshots and informations about the game. The cover reveals also that all of the three characters which we have seen often are included. It is confirmed yet,  that we could play all 3 GTA 5 characters in “a goundbreaking new way” and they are not just showing up along the story and missions. Maybe co-op missons possible? The “east coast gangster”, the hispanic looking guy from the trailer, with the red...

GTA 5 Main Character is an older “East Coast Gangster”

Finally the GTA 5 main character seems to be revealed! According to Shortlists new weekly magazine, the character is an east coast gangster, who tries to escape from the thug life and leaving all behind, to start a new peacefull live in Los Santos. Shortlist explains, that just like the character in Godfather 3, as he tought he was out, they pılled him back in! So another Artwork is released, showing the protagonist on a Los Santos lifeguard version of the Speedo Phile 3000. He seems to be chased from the police and shooting at them with a Uzi! You could see the character before in our GTA 5...

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