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Grand Theft Auto V

  GTA 5 Reviews, Previews, Trailers… All upcoming news, previews, reviews about the new Rockstar’s Game GTA...


Need A GTA 5 Strategy Guide?

While we are awaiting new information about GTA 5 after the Max Payne 3 release, it came out that the seller of strategy guides for videogames, “BradyGames” secured the license and rights to sell the Grand Theft Auto V strategy guide! They are selling GTA guides for years already.This could be a very lucrative deal for them. BradyGames expecting a sellout. Brady’s global strategy guide publisher Mike Degler: “When Grand Theft Auto V finally comes out, we’re going to have a really good year. We know we’re going to sell out of strategy guides for that game.” As GTA is an open-world or with the other name a sandbox...

Rockstar Games Concentrating On Minigames For GTA 5?

Ever since a new GTA game is announced, it gets flooded with tons of rumors and critics from fans and analysts. Some reports from sources around the net reported, that the new Grand Theft Auto 5 will heavily concentrate on minigames then in-depth developing of the story missions.   Fans of the series telling that GTA 4 was too flat in matter of game-playing and options to spend time with. You just couldn’t do that much besides of the story missions.Rockstar is preparing for a new release with tons of minigames and possibilities to spend more time with the game, except then the missions? Well another fact is, GTA...

GTA 5 TV Station?

Since the upcoming blockbuster of Rockstar Games, GTA 5 has been announced, alot of rumors appeared on the hemisphere.The newest one tells, there will be TV stations in Grand Theft Auto 5. Like we know from a source on the net, Take-Two has filed trademark applications for “Rockstar TV” and GTA TV” within the past week at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, though neither has been approved just yet ( estimated time tuntiil approvement is 3 months). This could mean that the new GTA could have a TV station, where you can watch breaking news, police chases or maybe upload your own videos from the video editor...

First Trailer Remade In Real Life

We got a new GTA 5 video for you guys. This one is a remade of the first GTA 5 trailer in real life from the youtube user 619xxx619xxx. But i have to say, it is a quite good match! Respect! The black Audi R8 driving down the bridge, the hookers, the uncompleted Skycraper, the palm street with the Skycrapers in the background, the guy driving a jetskii, and the cropduster contaminating the fruit pickers but still not looking as good as the trailer!   Tweet

RUMOR: New GTA 5 Info Next Month!

While waiting for the highly anticipated game Grand Theft Auto V, an interesting rumor appeared around the net: A user on a GTA Forum posted some interesting information about GTA 5 and claiming, that he wrote an email to Rockstar Games and got an answer back where the employee explains, he should wait till next month for new infos. Original post of the fan: I sent an email to R* asking about the platforms and other info. I thought that their response would be vague, and wouldn’t give away any info whatsoever. Most of their reply was typical R*. However, the last line may have given away a crucial...

Will GTA 5 be funny?

How should the new GTA 5 be? That’s what i’m asking me for a while! Why is that?  Why must a game be so serious and realistic? A game is for escaping from the real world for some hours. That’s why it should make fun and should not be too serious. The handling of the protag in GTA 4 was slippy. he moved heavily around. L.A. Noire looks creepy for me.Also a problem for me: The light and colours in GTA 4 and the new generation of Tv’s and games at all are more with cold blue light! San andreas was not like that att all, imagine a sunset...

GTA 5 Locations Ported From San Andreas

Which Locations will GTA 5 include? While we wait for more informations about Grand Theft Auto V, we want to shorten the waiting time for us, by enumerating all possible locations known and expected from the fictive State San Andreas and the main city that will definitely be included: Los Santos! GTA 5 Los Santos Locations ? Which districts, businesses and locations could be ported to GTA V ? Los Santos, the fictive clon of Los Angeles includes several areas of the real -life counterpart L.A. There are the urbans, which has different hoods and turfs with countless gangs controlling them. The Rodeo which seems to be a fictive...

Rockstar North Offers Dream Job as Game – Tester

  Rockstar North is hiring Game Testers for GTA 5?   Have you ever wanted to work for Rockstar Games on a new Grand Theft Auto Game? Now you get the chnace of your life to do it so! Gamers are encouraged to apply as game – testers for Rockstar North. We do strong believe that it is about GTA V. A lot young people out there have no jobs. The crisis threat is still not over. The number of unemployed youth is rising. So if you are a professional gamer, why not combine your hobby with your job? Win cash with gaming. That’s amazing!! Drive trough locations of...

GTA 5 First Trailer Theme Song

Small Faces -Ogden´s Nut Gone Flake Asked yourself who made the GTA 5 Trailer 1 theme song? Well here is the answer! Small faces did this original song long years ago. Here is the instumental version of Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake! We will update you with all new informations about GTA 5. So check our Savehouse regulary for infos!     Tweet

GTA 5 System Requirements

GTA 5 came out on 17th September of this year. We all are excited about the first trailer. There will be a lot of new functions. Well usually it will be released first on the consoles PS 3 and Xbox 360. Then in a short time period it should come to PC. Estimated a half year later. We are not sure, if it will be developed for the new Nintendo Wii U! But what are the minimum GTA 5 system requirements ? We expect only a small difference between GTA4 and V. Rockstar Games uses the same Rage Engine again. The consoles are the same generation too. One thing...

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