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GTA 5 Info

GTA 5 Online Info, 12 New Screenshots & Lithograph

Latest Screencaps Rockstar Games newest post released 12 brand new GTA 5 Screenshots with the theme “The Fast Life.”   GTA 5 Lithograph But that”s not all, in a previous post on the newswire...

RUMOR: New GTA 5 Info Next Month!

While waiting for the highly anticipated game Grand Theft Auto V, an interesting rumor appeared around the net: A user on a GTA Forum posted some interesting information about GTA 5 and claiming, that...

GTA 5 details leaked > Analyze

GTA 5 Details leaked ? We got news about the GTA 5 details. A source in the internet claims strong connections to Rockstar Games and shows details about the new GTA 5 Game. İt...

GTA 5 will be biggest game release in 2012

  Let’s talk about GTA 5 selling predictions. As a part of his top 5 2012 predictions, EEDAR analyst Jesse Devnich predicted, that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be the biggest, most succesfull game...

Watercrafts in GTA V

Watercrafts seen in Trailer 1 of GTA Five   Speedo Phile 2000 Yeah you heard it right. The new Jetski in the Trailer. Is it so fast like the name promises?   Where the...

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