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GTA 5 Pictures

GTA 5 Online Info, 12 New Screenshots & Lithograph

Latest Screencaps Rockstar Games newest post released 12 brand new GTA 5 Screenshots with the theme “The Fast Life.”   GTA 5 Lithograph But that”s not all, in a previous post on the newswire...

GTA 5 Gameplay Video Kick-Around, 319 Screenshots!

Welcome to the in-depth GTA 5 Gameplay video inspection! The released vid is completely from in-game footage. We seperated the video into 319 screenshots frame-by-frame. Not usual for Rockstar Games, they put the first...

Official GTA 5 Artwork, DLC And Release Date Period!

Hey guys, we got some big news from Rockstar Games about the upcoming title Grand Theft Auto V! A poster leak led Rockstar to confirm a GTA 5 spring release date. Also the publisher...

GTA 5 “Leisure” Screenshots Pack (Tennis, Dirt Bike Racing & Paraglyding)

GTA 5 screenshot released again. We already published 3 new screens on monday. This pack shows the fun side of the best open-worl action adventure game of all time. The title is “Leisure”. How...

GTA 5 Screenshots Revealed Main Character

With every release of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots, RGS is giving us new informations to reveal. The last screenshot with the Fighter shows Albert De Silva as the returning face. After the similiar...

GTA 5 Two Screenshots + 3 New + 3 This Week

Guess what? We already had 2 GTA 5 official screenshots from Rockstar Games. Now they decided to publish three more GTA 5 pictures under the name “Transportation”. The title referring to the Jet, Bcyle...

GTA Artwork By Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown delivers us GTA fans with his amazing GTA Artwork from time to time.  Now he got a new pic for us, where all Grand Theft Auto main characters having a party at...

First Official GTA 5 Screenshots!

  Here we go! Rockstar Games started another Q & A on their newswire today and this came out from the event. Two official GTA 5 screenshots: A snippet of the newswire conversations: “Why...

GTA 5 Pictures – Images

All GTA 5 official pictures and fan made images / artworks will be published here. We will update it from time to time, so stay tuned!   Tweet

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