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GTA 5 Rumors

RUMOR: New GTA 5 Info Next Month!

While waiting for the highly anticipated game Grand Theft Auto V, an interesting rumor appeared around the net: A user on a GTA Forum posted some interesting information about GTA 5 and claiming, that...

Actor Ned Luke as GTA 5 lead character

GTA V main character The actor above is Ned Luke. Some sources on the net brought a suprising rumor to daylight. The rumor: Ned Luke is the lead character of GTA 5! The old...

Grand Theft Auto V Poster in Episodes From Liberty City [Easter Egg]

  Grand Theft Auto V teaser was released in GTA 4 long before the first release of GTA 5 Trailer. We found this video of GTA Episodes from Liberty City gameplay. (Easter Egg). A...

GTA 5 Release Date

When will GTA 5 be released? Yeah, thats the question everybody wants an answer right now? Who knows? Rockstar Games and their employees! However, let’s analyze a little bit the past of GTA games...


  This is a real funny real-life GTA 5 video showing some glitches and bloopers. You might made the same experience, if you’ve played any of the GTA games. Tweet

PSM UK Journalist leaked GTA V Information

Well there were a lot of Rumors, News about leaked information on GTA 5. Here is a new one: A poster from a GTA forum is claiming that to be a journalist for PSM...

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