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GTA 5 Trailer Details

GTA V Trevor Trailer 5 HD

And now 5GTA proudly presents the fifth Grand theft auto V trailer in the series of three character trailers published all in one. This specific video shows the countryside with the redneck protag and...

Second GTA 5 Trailer On Wednesday, 11.14.2012

Hey guys, exciting  GTA 5 news on the row. Some minutes ago Rockstar Games announced the GTA 5 Trailer 2 on their newswire. Wednesday the 14th November 2012 is the date! And while waiting...

First Trailer Remade In Real Life

We got a new GTA 5 video for you guys. This one is a remade of the first GTA 5 trailer in real life from the youtube user 619xxx619xxx. But i have to say,...

Gta V trailer details!

Grand Theft Auto trailer analysis!   WE posted about the leaked information story before. And we think, we had right!   The protagonist or playable character seem to be hispanic. one point for us!...

Planes in Grand Theft Auto Five

GTA V Planes   Shamal Oooh yeah! You remember the Privatjet from GTA San Andreas. It was one of my favorites, and still is. You will definitely enjoy this one. I got this San...

GTA 5 Trailer Officially Announced – Rockstar Games

GTA 5 Trailer is coming out! Countdown!     The highly expected and discussed official GTA 5 trailer and with it the new Grand Theft Auto V game is finally announced. Nobody expected it...

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