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GTA 5 Vehicles

GTA 5 New Vehicles Update

Rockstar Games Site Update August, 13th: We spotted some new great GTA 5 vehicles. LS Customs Repair Shop Custom Vehicles There are at first the LS customs tuned vehicles like the Benefactor Dubsta Jeep,...

GTA 5 Gameplay Video Kick-Around, 319 Screenshots!

Welcome to the in-depth GTA 5 Gameplay video inspection! The released vid is completely from in-game footage. We seperated the video into 319 screenshots frame-by-frame. Not usual for Rockstar Games, they put the first...

GTA 5 Screenshots “Business” Shows Police Chases, Sniper, Truck, Plane

  Today Rockstar published the last Screenshots pack called “Business” for some weeks. The four pictures show us different Police chases wih a truck, a plane flying above the river, a Lambo like car...

GTA 5 Screenshots Revealed Main Character

With every release of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots, RGS is giving us new informations to reveal. The last screenshot with the Fighter shows Albert De Silva as the returning face. After the similiar...

Planes in Grand Theft Auto Five

GTA V Planes   Shamal Oooh yeah! You remember the Privatjet from GTA San Andreas. It was one of my favorites, and still is. You will definitely enjoy this one. I got this San...

Vehicles Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 Vehicles seen in the First Trailer We took screenshots from the first trailer and analized all seen vehicles. Here is a almost complete list of cars that we could fınd out! POLICE...

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