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GTA 5 Videos

Second GTA 5 Trailer On Wednesday, 11.14.2012

Hey guys, exciting  GTA 5 news on the row. Some minutes ago Rockstar Games announced the GTA 5 Trailer 2 on their newswire. Wednesday the 14th November 2012 is the date! And while waiting...


Here is a video about a GTA 5 mod for Grand Theft Auto 4. The Protag is driving trough Liberty City with an Aston Martin and the texture of the cars and buildings looks...

Grand Theft Auto V Poster in Episodes From Liberty City [Easter Egg]

  Grand Theft Auto V teaser was released in GTA 4 long before the first release of GTA 5 Trailer. We found this video of GTA Episodes from Liberty City gameplay. (Easter Egg). A...


    Watch this amazing GTA 5 fanmade video about the mario brothers story with all characters of the super mario world. Mario has to save the prıncess from bowsers hand, and he gets...


Bryan vs Loan Shark This is a fanmade GTA V trailer / video about a guy names Bryan. He is a businessman and borrowed a big sum of money from a loan shark. Now...

GTA 5 Mario Bros Trailer

The trailer of Grand Theft Auto V Mushroom Kingdom. Protags are Super Mario Brothers! Would be cool if this kind of GTA V would be release on Nintendo Wii for 2012. Just a joke!...

Gta V trailer details!

Grand Theft Auto trailer analysis!   WE posted about the leaked information story before. And we think, we had right!   The protagonist or playable character seem to be hispanic. one point for us!...


Another great GTA V fan-made video about Nico Bellic going to San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V!   Tweet

GTA 4 Characters watching GTA V Trailer PART 2

  Like all of us the GTA 4 characters in this excellent video watching the GTA V trailer and…they passed out!   Tweet

GTA 4, GTA TBOGT and GTA TLAD Characters watching the GTA V Trailer!

Niko Bellic, Luis Lopez and Johnny shocked about the new GTA V! Funny Video. Part 1!   Tweet

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